Monday, March 30, 2015

Hello Spring!

Love this time of year (despite the mosquitos and allergies!).   There's a freshness in the air in the spring time - a little mix of morning dew, roses and lemon blossoms to be least in our yard :).  This year I started off with this little fun wreath project.  My first handmade wreath and I think I might be hooked...

I used a wire frame and wrapped burlap ribbon around there to hide the frame.  Then I loosely tied in more burlap ribbon with the cute little yellow ribbon I found in a $1 bin :).  

The peonies I found online - they are gorgeous aren't they?  I tied the peonies evenly around the wreath and topped it all off with a "W" metal sign I found at Michaels.  Looks great and perfect for a little pop of color.

Happy Spring everyone!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Quilting Progress

First off, I'm happy to say that I'm alive ;).  It's been rough/busy few months, hence to complete lack of blog postings, but I'm back and happy to share some new quilts.

Here are a few finished quilts, binded and ready for their photoshoot.  Something very peaceful and lovely about a stack of quilts :)

3 designs, 4 new quilts.  All ready for the shop very soon.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekend Breakfast Treat

Our kids LOVE doughnuts - particularly the ones at Krispy Kremes.  I think one of their favorite part of watching them make them.  So I thought - hey why not make some at home!  So I stumbled upon this little recipe here for copycat Krispy Kremes.

I made the dough the night before and used the morning as the final rising state for the dough - after shaping it with cookie cuts.  Then into the shortening fryer - be very careful about the temperature - shortening heats up very quickly and will burn your doughnuts instantly.

We made used both the doughnut part and the hole :).  Frying was super fast.

After frying, let it cool for a minute or so and keep it in your favorite topping.  We had plain sugar, glazed and glazed with sprinkles.

The verdict YUMMMM.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Happy Birthday Aya

Our little girl is now 2.  We celebrated her second birthday a couple of weeks back with a Frozen inspired theme - a little snowflake here and there.  Olaf "Summer" inspired food :).  Here's some pics of the preparation and party festivities.

A cake stand and some pretty cupcakes makes for pretty center piece and birthday cake.  I love the way the lace wrappers for the baked cupcakes turned out and the little raspberry on top is the perfect touch.

I had a little extra batter left over so I made mini cupcakes as well.   Perfect amount for a little mini-cupcake snowflake dish :).  

The frosting dispenser I got from Amazon was perfect - super easy to use and frosted up all 30 cupcakes super fast - and pretty.

As part of the food table, I made little fruit skewers.  Clean and easy for the little kids to eat - and fun too!

I love the way the little banner turned out for the utensils.  A few little scraps of paper, twine and staples.

We also adorned the light fixture with these cute little paper lanterns and snowflakes.

I wish I took more pictures of the cookie decorating table, but with all the kids at the party I didn't have time :).  But here's a little glimpse of all the spindles that were used for the sugar cookies.  The kids at a great time decorating their little snowflake, Olaf and other sugar cookies.

Great party and now we'll be gearing up for the holidays.  Have a safe week everyone!


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